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Love is You & Me always
not just on Valentines!
Made using Maple & Walnut


Reindeer Light Box

Two Horse design Light Box

Made using 6mm Tulipwood

Lined with handmade paper
to give a soft glow

Can be fitted with a Low
Energy 8 Watt Bulb or Battery
operated LED Light

Two Footballer design
Light Box

Made using 6mm Tulipwood

Lined with handmade
paper to give a soft glow

Can be fitted with a Low
Energy 8 Watt Bulb or
Battery operated LED

Chopstick Stand & Rest

A novel way to display
your favorite Chopsticks

Made using Walnut &

The Kanji (Japanese
characters) scrolled out
within the base
represent 'Happiness -
One happiness scatters
a thousand sorrows'

Samurai Warrior - check out our new Projects in progress page!

To see how our Samurai is coming along!

Update - Samurai Warrior Finished... :-)

Where we specialise in creating Intarsia & fine Wood Art projects using the Scrollsaw

We have put together this site to display the unique Wood Art that we have created over the years here at Pictures in Wood

As you will gather we are real Scrollsaw enthusiast and have turned our hand to designing and making a wide range of projects. From our more up to date wood art and practical pieces for your home and garden, to where it all started many years ago with our more traditional Intarsia pieces!

Being able to promote our work online to like minded 'Scrollsaw surfers' and receive feedback is just great and inquires are a joy, so keep them coming :-) please!

Intarsia is a beautiful three dimensional mosaic wall hanging, which was an ancient woodcraft basis for Wood Art, Marquetry and Wood-inlay craftwork of years ago.

Every handcrafted piece is unique, as no two pieces of wood are the same.

Our Intarsia designs range from our own British Birds and Animals, to fun things, even rare and exotic species from faraway lands, as well as using patterns from the USA.
We like to think of it as decorative  Pictures In Wood more life - like than paintings, because of the three dimensional appearance.

The pieces are individually cut out of wood, paying particular attention to the arrangement and direction of the grain. We use mostly Pine, if the finished piece is to be coloured, as Pine takes colour well, is environmentally friendly and a renewable source.

The Woodland Trail to the right was made using just Tulip wood, with its lovely variations of light wood with darker shades of green, it seem to be the perfect choice for this particular Intarsia piece. 

When it comes to sanding, we try to visualise the project as if it were real.

The pieces are mostly stained, using various acrylic mediums, still allowing the grain of the wood to show through, then two coats of polish are applied.

The pieces are then placed together and glued on a plywood backing to form a picture, so creating a lasting work of art.

If you would like some special Wood Art just for you?
You can commission us, as we find commissions are a welcome challenge.
All we need is a photo or picture, with the size and colours you would like.
We will email you back, with how much and how long.

We have regularly contributed Scrollsaw projects to woodworking magazines here in the UK and USA.  Who would have thought our very own Flexi Robot, would have made it big in the USA and now have a new home in Pennsylvania, thanks to the "Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts" magazine!

Flexi Robot & his friend Rusty the dog
getting ready to do all the odd jobs!

We would like to thank Shawn Ferguson, for his kind comments and fantastic Robot family, its great to see that Shawn has taken our Robot project Issue 41 to a totally new level with a whole Robot family with lots of new imaginative accessory's. Check it out on the Scroll saw Woodworking & Crafts Message Board
We know it's going back a few years now, but thought it well worth mentioning it, just in case you haven't seen it!

We've had more and more enquiries from people wanting to find out more about making our Farmyard, So thought it a good idea to let people know that the Farmyard was featured in the Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts magazine back in the Spring 2010 issue 38, as you know back issues can be ordered from "http://www.foxchapelpublishing.com/scroll-saw-woodworking-crafts-issue-38-spring-2010" hope this helps!

Check out our Farmyard project

Here are more examples of our work

Mr & Mrs Scarecrow - Colourful & fun, pull the string to see them move
Light Box

Made using 6mm Tulipwood

Can be fitted with either a
traditional electric Low Energy
8W bulb or for total
portability inside & out a
battery operated LED light
works just as well
Scrolled Candlesticks

Made using Maple & Walnut
Word Art - Personalized Word Art is very popular
Congratulations on your Degree!
Their Wedding Day - a good way never to forget the Anniversary!
What a great thought! Healing is a Great River of LOVE
Flower of Life - made from 6mm Birch Plywood
Dove of Life - made from 6mm Birch Plywood and then painted Gold
We have taken the concept of the classic chess set a stage further by adopting appropriate leaf shapes for the pieces. The great English oak leaf represents the King, a leaf from the invasive tree of heaven suits the free-roving Queen, with a maple leaf for the Bishop, a prickly hawthorn for the Knight, a tulip tree leaf for the Rook and the simple lines of the lime for the Pawns.
All the pieces are cut using the Compound scrollsawing method, using ash and walnut to achieve the traditional contrast of light and dark within the set, and the board is fashioned from obeche and walnut.

Check out how the Seascape saw made  HERE

Surfing art work for those surfing enthusiasts

A pair of Halloween Lanterns

Pushing Back the Books

Made using Walnut & Tulip wood
using the compound sawing method

Keepsake Boxes
Who would have thought it, a Bowl
made using a Scrollsaw

Woodland Trail original photo

Woodland Trail Intarsia picture

Old style Police Box
with blue light

We made this old style Police Box a few
years ago for a Dr Who enthusiast :-)

Sleeping Teddy on the Moon
very popular for the new arrival in
the nursery
         Wise Old Owl
       Click Here to see
     lots more fun things 

Some attractive sconces

On test!

Yellow Digger Bookends

Never mislay your keys againTwo tone Spiral Coasters
Mechanical Snake, lots of fun young and old alike                 
Light/Sun Catchers, made using 4mm plywood and 3mm acrylic sheets
Light/Sun CatcherJewelry tree

It has to be said Jemima's a Star

 Made especially for a very young
 Arsenal fan
 well, we can't all be perfect!

Making a drawing from the original
Tower Bridge picture

Tower Bridge as a finished piece

Another commission, this time a
personal named pencil box, made
from African Red wood

A personalised Photo Album to
remember bygone days

If you would like to know how our projects are made, or are interested in having a go yourself!  We have a book out titled "Success with Scrollsaws"
It is full of tips on What to buy, How to use the scrollsaw and lots of great projects to make!

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
Please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Thank you for your interest, we hope you enjoy browsing.
Stop by again, soon!

                      Please note we do not sell patterns


© Copyright 2002 Julie & Frederick Byrne